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(OCW Blast! opens in the parking garage of the America West Arena. The camera looks down the garage to reveal a looooong black limousine making its way into the arena and conveniently stopping mere feet from where the camera man had been stationed. The camera slides along the vehicle to show just how long it truly is and eventually stops at the back door, which opens upon the camera’s arrival. President Paul Middle steps out and stretches a little before smiling and stepping away from the door. Then, another man steps out from the vehicle dressed in a pair of black pants and a black sports jacket with a white undershirt.)

Paul: Ok, Dave, let’s get you settled in and then make the introduction. You ready?

Dave: I was born ready Paul…let’s get going so you can catch your flight.

(The two walk off camera and the scene cuts to the show’s opening video.)

(The opening video runs then the camera cuts to the stage where the opening pyro goes off. The camera cuts to the crowd who are creating a ruckus reminiscent of a Time Square New Year’s Eve celebration. The various cameras zoom in on signs that read “J-Man is The Real Deal”, “Trent vs Nutso: An epic encounter” and “This will be an explosive night for ‘Dynamite’ Rick White.” After allowing the home viewing audience to take in the crowd’s angst, the scene cuts to ringside and the announcer’s table.)

SP: Welcome to Blast!, coming to you from the America West Arena in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ve got a hell of a show for you this week.

(Graphic for the Alpha Title match appears)

SP: Um, that’s the wrong graphic…but we’ll talk about the right match anyway…Rick White vs Amos Stamos

(Graphic of White vs Stamos appears on screen)

SP: Ah, there we go…Rick White will be making his debut against some tough competition in Amos Stamos.

FE: It seems President Middle thinks Rick White is good enough to be thrown right into the mix and he’s going to have a tough debut match.

(Graphic for the Alpha Title match appears)

SP: Also tonight, we will see tag team partners going against each other. That’s right, a match that everyone has been waiting to see. Ryan Trent will challenge El Nutso for the Alpha Title.

FE: That match is one that all OCW fans have been waiting for and now they’re going to get it.

SP: We’ll also see the last match of an OCW mainstay. Joe Jackson will be leaving us after tonight's opening match in which he'll face Seth Fanatic, another young rookie looking to rise up the ranks of the O.C.W. ladder.

FE: Joe has been with OCW since its early days and we wish him all the best in his last match in OCW.

SP: We’ll also see PK against Chris O’Hann in a grudge match of sorts. Also, Bobby D will defend his Blast! title against probably his toughest competition thus far when he takes on Sabre. Finally, in our main event, we will also see Aggression champ JMK take on Damien Caige.

FE: I want to know who that guy was that was with President Middle. It should be interesting to see what the Prez has up his sleeve.

SP: Well let’s get things under way and send it up to Shirley for the call!

Shirley: Ladies and gentlemen, our first match of the night is scheduled for one-fall. Making his way to the ring at this time, he stands 6'2", and weighs in tonight at 260 pounds. Hailing from New York City, he is, SETH FAAAAANATIC!

The bass of "Sober" by Tool rocks the arena and the lights dim almost to darkness. Fanatic makes his presence known when the rhythm picks up. Lights flash wildly throughout the entire arena. Fanatic enters the ring slowly and then moves to the center. When the chorus hits, fireworks begin to explode and fly through the air.

Shirley: His opponent, standing 5'11", and weighing in tonight at 258 pounds, also from New York City, New York, he is, The Devestator, JOE JACKSON! "Here To Stay" thumps throughout the system as Joe walks down to the ring, looking around as he soaks in his final match working for the O.C.W. As he climbs onto the apron, Fanatic allows him his space, and as he climbs onto the turnbuckle and raises his arms, he actually gets a minor pop, as it is his last match and all, and they still respect him as competitor.

SP: Here we go!

FE: Joe Jackson's final match here in the O.C.W! I thought this day would never come!

SP: Hey, I'm sad to see him leave! Joe's a competitor, through and through.

FE: Oh, like your opinion matters, you cried at the end of Angels In The Outfield!

SP: But......he adopted JP! (Sniffle)

As referee Phil McNeal rings the bell, both men waste no time tearing into eachother, with Joe taking the early lead, whipping Fanatic into the far ropes and clotheslining him back to the mat. Picking Seth up, Joe again goes to whip him into the ropes but this time Seth reverses it, only to be caught on the rebound as Joe delivers a vicious spear and begins hammering away at him on the mat. Pulling him back to his feet, Joe then throws Seth into the corner, where a vicious headbutt sends Seth to the ground, and Joe calls for a Bronco Buster. Running to the far corner, he gets a head start and then charges across to the other side, only to be caught by a foot to the groun by Seth, plucking Joe from mid-air and sending him to the defensive for the first time in the match. As Seth pulls himself to his feet, he then picks up Joe and throws him up onto his shoulders, only to lay him out with a crushing samoan drop. With Joe down, he then begins stomping a mudhole in him, and then, hooking his ankles with his arms, begins spinning around and around, faster and faster, lifting Joe off the mat and causing them to both grow especially dizzy before finally letting go and sending Joe flying into the corner, landing in an awkward pile, as Seth struggles to maintain his composure.

SP: I think I'm gonna be sick.

FE: Think how Tornado Joe feels.

With both men dizzy and unstable as they make it back to their feet, Joe tries to charge Seth, but veers way off course and has to stop himself before he falls out of the ring. Meanwhile, Seth tries so shake loose the cobwebs and stop the room from spinning, as again Joe goes for a clothesline, and again misses entirely. The fans are laughing now as the two men are both heavily effected by the move, stumbling around like drunks, unable to stand straight for anymore then a few moments at a time. All of a sudden, Joe snaps out of it, playing possum the entire time, and goes for a straight shot to Fanatic's face, only to find Fanatic was over-playing it too, and easily avoids the right, ducking under it and catching Joe around the neck, bent over backwards, nailing a Test-Drive like maneuver. Climbing onto the top ropes and waiting for Joe to stand, Joe suddenly springs to action, charging Seth at the corner and staying low so as to avoid a possible aerial counter, catching Seth as he sits on the top rope. Using his shoulders to hoist himself up, Joe then goes for a hurracanrana down to the floor, but Seth sweeps his legs out and nails him with a Locus Of Control (Powerbomb into Spike DDT), hooking the leg for the pin. Referee Phil McNeal counts 1......2....3!

SP: And Joe loses his final match here in the O.C.W, but, I'm show this is far from the end of this blossoming young talent's career.

FE: Can you run faster with no pride, Shane? What a load of crap! C'mon folks, sing along. Na-na-na-na, na-na-na-na, hey hey hey, goo-oodbye!

Winner: Seth Fanatic Time: 2:00

Intro the GM (“Kiss me where it smells funny” by the Bloodhound Gang hits on the PA system and President Paul Middle steps out from behind the curtain to a significant pop from the crowd. The man that we only know as Dave is following closely behind Paul as the two make their way down the ramp and into the ring. )

Shirley: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring, OCW President…Paul Middle!

(President Middle gets into the ring followed by Dave and receives the microphone from Shirley. His music fades out and Paul speaks)

PM: I’d like to start out by welcoming all of you to this week’s Blast! It’s great to be here in Phoenix, Arizona!

(Crowd pops)

PM: Unfortunately, I need to make this short because I have a plane to catch shortly. You see, as the President of OCW, I have many tasks that I am responsible for each week. With that being said, it’s sometimes impossible for me to be at every show. Therefore, I have decided to hire a General Manager who will be taking some of the control from me on weeks that I’m not able to be at the arena for Blast! I’d like to introduce all of you to the man I have chosen to be your General Manager. His name is David Martin. I’m going to give him the opportunity now to talk to all of you about what he plans on bringing to this show to make it that much better.

(Dave begins talking but nothing is heard. He stops and points to the microphone)

DM: Hello? OK it works now. The first thing I plan to do as the new GM is to get microphones that work correctly.

(Dave smiles at his witty little comment, a few chuckles and snorts from the crowd encourage him to go on)

DM: Well I would like to say that I am truly humbled that Paul would choose me as the man to take the reins on those occasions where he can’t make it here himself. Paul is one of the best and it will be hard to fill his shoes on a week to week basis when he can’t be here, but I plan on doing everything I can to live up to the reputation that has been made by the name OCW.

DM: I can promise all of you fans that things will be changing a little around here. I plan on adding my own flavor to the already great recipe that is Omega Championship Wrestling. You will see things in the coming weeks that you have never seen before in Version 2. There will be some deserving people who will get shots to move up the card. This day will truly be a turning point for some of the people here. I hope your ready for this roller coaster ride….I know I am.

(“Kiss me where it smells funny” hits and Paul smiles and applauds his selection for new General Manager. Then the two exit up the ramp. The camera switches behind the curtain)

PM: Well, I have to go catch that plane. Make sure you call me if you have any questions or need any help.

DM: Don’t worry about me, Paul. You’ve placed OCW in good hands.

PM: Ok, I’m off.

(Paul walks off camera)

DM: (grinning fiendishly) Yes, Paul, you’ve left OCW in good hands indeed.

SC: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a standard match. Coming to the ring first, he weighs 225 pounds and comes to us from Toronto Ontario…. JOHN DULONG!!

Bleed American By Jimmy Eat World hits over the sound system as John Dulong walks out of the curtain and down to the ring. He climbs to the top rope and looks out at the fans. He then sits on the top turnbuckle and prepares mentally for his match.

SC: And his opponent, she weighs 125 pounds and she comes from New Jersey… NANCY GREAM!!!

Mother earth starts playing Slowly the doors open and Nancy runs toward the ring and jumps over the ropes to the middle of the ring and starts waving to her fans (wich aren't that much)

SP: Last week, Nancy won her match against Joe Jackson. A great way to start her new winning streak!

FE: Yeah……. Great……

The bell rings, and the both lock up. John grabs Nancy by her hair, and throws her in the ropes. Nancy bounces back, and John backdrops her to the canvas. Nancy is down, and John jumps in the air, hitting an elbowdrop. Nancy holds her chest, as John gets up and runs up the turnbuckle. Nancy staggers back up, and John hits a missile dropkick from the top rope. Nancy gets hit right in the face, and she falls back. John drags her to the middle of the ring, and locks her into an anklelock. Nancy screams, but she doesn’t quit. She makes her way to the ropes, and grabs the middle one. John has to break the hold now, and he does. He grabs Nancy back up, and suplexes her hard with a snap suplex. Nancy holds her back. John looks confident, and grabs Nancy back up again. He lifts her up in the air, and drops her down with a front suplex. John rolls Nancy over and covers her for a pin. …. 1…. 2 Nancy puts her shoulder up.

SP: Almost got the 3 count.

FE: Hahaha! Yeah right……

John grabs Nancy back up, and throws her in the ropes. Nancy reverses it into an hiptoss, and sends John down to the mat. John gets up, and runs at Nancy. Nancy kicks John in the gut, and takes him down with a swinging neckbreaker. Nancy gets up, and runs in the ropes. John gets up, and Nancy hits a low dropkick to the face of John. John gets up, holding his face, and Nancy runs behind him. Then she takes him down with a running bulldog. Nancy with a cover. …1 …2 John kicks out. Nancy then quickly grabs John into a leglock. John inmediatly makes it to the ropes, and Nancy has to let go. She grabs John back up, and throws him into the corner. Nancy then runs to John, but John puts his boot up in the air. Nancy staggers back, and John runs at her. Nancy quickly grabs the arm of John, and takes him down with a armdrag, holding on to an armbar. John gets up while Nancy still holds him in the armbar, and reverses it by legsweeping Nancy to the mat. John bounces back in the ropes, and goes for a splash. Nancy puts her knees up, and John rolls off in pain.

SP: And Nancy put her knees up!

FE: Ouch.., that’s all I can say man.

Nancy gets up, and so does John. Nancy goes for a kick, but John grabs her leg and kicks the other knee. Nancy falls on her back to the mat, and John quickly locks her into a Boston Crab. He turns Nancy, and puts so much force on it, that Nancy doesn’t have a choice, other then to tap out.

SC: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner… JOHN DULONG!!!

SP: Nancy lost! She tapped, thus ending what could have been a winning streak!

FE: Doesn’t matter.. we still love her.. right?

SP: Yeah, Nancy is a great wrestler, and so is John Dulong. Congratulations to him. Well folks, after that great win, let’s continue with the show.

Winner: JC Dulong Time: 2:30

"Crucified" by Soil hits over the P.A. system. As the lights cut out, huge yellow pyros explode from the top of the ramp. The light flicker on, and El Nutso is seen standing there, through the smoke. El Nutso runs down to the ring and jumps up onto the apron. He leaps over the top rope and the runs up one of the four turnbuckles, preforming a perfect backflip, landing on his feet. El Nutso paces around the ring a little bit, and grabs a mic from ringside. He has a smile on his face as he begins to speak, over the booing of the Phoenix fans.

El Nutso: Shut up! I know how it feels when you live in one of the worst towns in the World, amigos, but you need to shut your mouthes so I can talk!

This comment gets even louder boos from the crowd.

El Nutso: I came out in front of you idiotas for one reason, and one reason only tonight. I want to talk about my shot at the OCW Version Two Ultimate Title at Night of Redemption. As it stands right now, my opponent is going to be none other than PaiN KiLLeR. The first, and so far the ONLY Ultimate Champion here, and, he has yet to lose a singles match. But need I remind you, señor, it was Ryan Trent and myself who gave PaiN KiLLeR his first loss, and we're damned proud of it too.

El Nutso paces around the ring for a moment, and then speaks again.

And tonight, during PaiN KiLLeR's match against Chris O'Hann, I will be watching on with a smile on my face as PK is getting beat down. And you can bet your ass I will be standing right there as PaiN KiLLeR is pinned, and loses his first ever singles match. But, it won't be his last. Because at Night of Redemption, I will do exactly as I say, and I will win that Ultimate Title even if I had to kill myself to do it. PK, I have something planned for that Pay-Per-View that will be HUGE! Señor, it will be bigger than anything the OCW has ever experienced. I want to make everyone remember the night that El Nutso beat PaiN KiLLeR, and I'm sure this will help...

El Nutso pauses, and smiles.

El Nutso: What is it? Well... I'm going to tell you just what the hell it is, hombre... At Night of Redemption...

El Nutso stops in mid-sentence.

El Nutso: I changed my mind. You bastardos are just going to have to wait to see what my big surprise is...

El Nutso drops the microphone as his music hits again, and the crowd is booing louder than ever. El Nutso walks back up the ramp with a grin on his face.

SP: Well, it seems El Nutso not a very popular guy here this week-

FE: Hey, he made his bed, he teamed with Trent, it's his own damn fault.

SP: That's...not what I meant....

FE: Well, try to keep up, everything's flying right by your head, tonight, Shane!

SP: In any event, it's now time for our first title match of the night, and what could also be the very show-stealer as Ryan Trent takes on his partner of El Nutso for the Alpha Title. Shirley?

Shirley Callway: Ladies and gentlemen, are next match of the night is scheduled for one-fall, and will be for the O.C.W. Alpha Title. Coming down to the ring at this time, he stands six-feet, and weighs in tonight at 233 pounds, from Syracuse, New York, he is, RYAN TRENT!

The end of "Running From Me" by Trust Company after the: "I'm breaking out, here I come part" hits, and the sounds of many fireworks go off, as an explosion of pyro's launch out of the stage. Trent squats on the stage, head down, in a perched position. Then he leaps up, and lands, arms up in the air, coming down to the ring. He climbs onto the apron and lifts his hands high. He then turns his back to the ropes and hooks his arms around the top rope, flipping over and into the ring (like Kane gets out), landing perfectly. Then he climbs onto the far buckle, pounding his chest with each hand once, and then throwing them up as his music cuts and Shirley gets back on the stick.

Shirley Callway: His opponent, standing 5'9", and weighing in tonight at 169 pounds, hailing from Mexico City, Mexico, he is, ELLLLL NUTSO!

"Crucified" by Soil hits over the P.A. system as the lights cut out and huge yellow pyros explode from the top of the ramp. The lights then flicker back on, and El Nutso is seen standing there through the smoke. El Nutso runs down to the ring and jumps up onto the apron. He leaps over the top rope and the runs up one of the four turnbuckles, preforming a perfect backflip, landing on his feet, and staring respectfully at his partner Trent, meeting him in the middle of the ring.

SP: Are you as excited as I am for this, Frank?

FE: Is it over yet?

As Trent and El Nutso circle closely in the middle of the ring, El Nutso extends his hand, and Ryan Trent earnestly shakes it, prompting a round of applause from the crowd. Like highschool wrestlers, they begin ducking around and extending their arms out to grab shoulders, arms, and legs, looking to take the advantage, with the other one playing just as much of a defensive as they are an offensive. Finally the two lock up, and Trent starts off with an arm wringer, bending it behind El Nutso's back. El Nutso then ducks under Trent's arm and pops back up behind Trent, now wrenching Trent's arm behind his back. Twisting his body and reaching back, Trent manages to break himself out of the armbar by hip-tossing El Nutso, an innovative and unusual reversal to the move, only El Nutso easily lands on his feet, and then drops down, rotating in air and bringing Trent to the mat with an acrobatic drop toe hold. Nutso goes for the ankle-lock, but Trent manages to roll onto the top of his neck, now staring up into the ceiling, and uses both feet on El Nutso's chest to kick him up and over, now infront of Trent, breaking the submission attempt. El Nutso then looks to hit a standing moonsault on the still downed Trent, but Trent easily rolls out of the way, only to roll back and grab El Nutso into a headlock. Both men then getting back to their feet, Nutso launches Trent into the ropes who comes back with a full head of steam, looking for a last minute spin wheel kick, but El Nutso drops to the mat, ducking down and executing a horizontal splits, only to push himself right back to his feet and superkick Trent, just now landing on his feet, and taking him down to the mat. The crowd applauds respectfully.

SP: It's like watching them wrestle themselves in there! They have eachother so well scouted it's almost frightening!

FE: Which is why I imagine Chris Shea is rolling around in his grave right now.

SP: Chris Shea's not dead!

FE: Yeah, but if you think Kurt Kobain left a mess when he killed himself, just wait 'til you see what Chris leaves behind if Trent beats Nutso this week after El Nutso beat him last week.

El Nutso allows Trent to get back to his feet, which he does quickly, as they again lock up in the middle of the ring, as Trent now uses his size advantage to back Nutso into the corner, and then whip him across to the other side. Nutso however reverse the move, whipping Trent now to the corner. Trent, however, in yet another innovative move, manages to hang on to El Nutso's arm after the reversal, and after leaping into the air and planting his feet on the middle ropes, he jumps back to the mat and uses the force to whip Nutso back into the opposite corner. With Trent following close behind as El Nutso runs to the opposite corner, looking for the splash, El Nutso is now the one to leap onto the middle ropes, only to then spring backwards, looking for the elbow. Anticipating this, too, Ryan Trent has already ducked down into a somersault that now places him infront of the corner, as he quickly climbs to the top rope, after Nutso took a nasty and unexpected bump off the canvas, looking for Trent. Getting back to his feet, he turns around just in time to see Trent coming at him with a head full of steam, having lept off the top rope, and nailing him with a missle dropkick that almost busts through his mask. Quickly going for the cover, referee Will Redman drops down to make the pin. 1......2.....El Nutso kicks out.

FE: Did you hear that, Shane?

SP: Hear what, Frank?

FE: The sound of Shea pulling back the trigger of the gun at his temple. He's getting nervous now.

SP: Oh would you shut up, Frank!

Ryan Trent is now the one to let El Nutso get back to his feet, and as he does, he raises his hand into the air, challenging Trent to a test of strength. Hesitant, but willing, Trent raises a hand to meet El Nutso's, and then they bring up their other hand at the same time, locking their fingers together. Before Trent can react, Nutso drops to the ground, slipping between Trent's legs, and in doing so forcing him to flip over and land onto his back, as El Nutso sits behind him. Quickly, El Nutso hooks his legs over-top of Trent's, pinning him to the mat with his full body-weight on top of his neck, as the Will Redmen again goes for the pin. 1.....2......Ryan Trent manages to slip out at the last second. Caught at somewhat of a stalemate now, both men are forced to get up with a mutual bridge, showing an impressive amount of lower-body strength on both men's behalf, and then both of them turning around to once again face eachother. Again, Nutso quickly looks to capitalize with a Front Dropkick to Trent's face, but Trent ducks and Nutso slides down his back, but cannot touch the ground, as their hands are still locked together by their interwoven fingers. Instead, Trent raises Nutso into the air in a variation Razor's Edge and Last Ride, and drives Nutso down hard to the mat, powerbomb style, right on top of his neck, where he holds for the pin-fall. Will Redmen again drops to make the count. 1.....2.....El Nutso kicks out.

SP: NICE VARIATION POWERBOMB THERE BY RYAN TRENT! Boy, if he can figure out how he did that one, he might want to consider that as a new finisher. A little tweaking and nobody would kick out of that one.

FE: Do you hear that, Shane?

SP: Let me guess, Chris Shea just upgraded to a bigger gun?

FE: Probably, but I'm talking about Pain Killer laughing his sinister ass off backstage. And he thought his match with O'Hann was his vacation week. Nutso's supposed to be Number 1 Contender!

With both men slowly getting back to their feet, beginning to feel the full effects of what has been an absolutely staggering back and forth match from start to finish, Ryan Trent maintains the offensive, kicking El Nutso as he rises, and picking him up in a bodyslam. Moving him over to the corner, he sets him up in a Tree of Woe, and then backs into the opposite corner, looking for the Final Breath (Tree Of Woe + Running Spear). He then takes a few steps forward, runs into a wide circle for momentum, and then charges his dangling partner. At the last possible moment, El Nutso manages to sit up on the turnbuckle, and Trent goes crashing into the corner post shoulder-first with such force he falls to the mat, writhing in pain. Taking immediate advantage of the situation, El Nutso un-hooks his legs, gets to his feet on the top rope, and looks to hit the 705 (Double Moonsault Splash), but Trent has the common sense to roll out of the way and outside the ring as El Nutso slams into the mat hard, and goes limp. Trent then rolls back into the ring, still favoring that right shoulder and arm, and with his good arm pulls Nutso to his feet. He then goes to kick Nutso in the stomach but Nutso manages to catch his leg. Nutso then scoops him up into a fisherman suplex position and goes to lift him up for a possible Fisherman Buster, but Trent uses his leg to block the hold. Nutso tries again, and again Trent manages to take the leverage away from him. Nutso then puts his leg down and reaches for a full-on suplex, but Trent ducks out from under El Nutso's arm and then drops straight down to the mat, spiking him with The Trent Driver (Evenflow DDT), and hooking his leg with his good arm for the pin. Referee Will Redman counts 1.....2.....3!


FE: Call 9-1-1, Shea must've blown his cranium into a jiggsaw puzzle of brain!

SP: Trent is your new Alpha Champion!

FE: And El Nutso's the Number One Contender for the ULTIMATE title!

As Will Redman raises Trent's hand, El Nutso slaps the canvas in frustration, as Trent reaches out with his good hand to help him up. As Will reaches down and takes the belt from the time keeper, he then goes to hand that to Ryan Trent, but El Nutso steps in between them, snatching the belt from him, and sweeping referee Will Redman out of the way. As Trent looks on somewhat shocked, El Nutso then holds up the title and looks at Ryan Trent as though to question whether or not he's a worthy champion. He then folds the leather straps under the golden plate and hands it to Trent as though it were a gold platter, and as Trent takes it from him, El Nutso throws an arm around his shoulder, and then raises his arms in the air once again, as the crowd applauds the display of showmanship. The two then walk back to the locker rooms to Trent's music.

Winner: Ryan Trent Time: 3:59

(The scene switches backstage where “Dynamite” Rick White is standing next to Josh Lander’s in front of an interview set)

JL: We’re standing here backstage with OCW’s newest addition, “Dynamite” Rick White. Rick, I wanted to get your thoughts about your debut match tonight.

RW: Well I’ve already talked to Lisa Blunt earlier in the week about this match, but I can understand the need to have “Dynamite” Rick White on TV as much as possible so I’ll answer the questions.

JL: Well you’re debut match is against one half of the OCW Tag Team champions, Amos Stamos. How do you think you will fair against Amos tonight?

RW: Well they don’t call me Dynamite for nothing. I came here with no less then the notion that I would make an impact on my debut and my first task is to knock this egomaniac, pardon the pun, off of his pedestal. Regardless of what happens out there tonight, I am going to be a player here in OCW, and you’ll see over the next few months exactly what I’m talking about!

(Rick White walks off the view of the camera and the scene cuts back to ringside)

SC: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 285 pounds... And he stands six feet, seven inches... He is... "Dynamite" RICK WHITE!!!

"Superstar" by Saliva hits the PA and the fans go wild. As the music continues to play, "Dynamite" Rick White steps out on to the entrance ramp and stands there with his arms crossed, smiles, and pyro explodes on both sides of him. White walks down to ringside and enters the squared circle, where he goes to the center of the ring, crosses his arms and smiles at the fans once more, then awaits his opponent for the evening.

SC: And his opponent, from Hollywood, California, standing six feet two and three-quarter inches... weighing in at 245 pounds... "Famous" AMOS STAMOS!!!

As "Calling Dr. Love" by KISS hits over the P.A. system, Amos is seen at the top of the ramp, wearing a blue silk robe decorated in diamond-encrusted motifs including stars, diamonds, and tigers. Across the back of the robe written in cursive is "Famous Amos." Amos is wearing gold-rimmed Oakley sunglasses and has a toothpick in his mouth. He walks down to the ring with an arrogant strut and his hands in the air clamoring for ovation as well as occasionally cupping his ear with his hand.Amos enters the ring and he takes off the robe revealing a Planet Hollywood jacket underneath the robe. However, the jacket is altered revealing a red anti symbol (a red circle with a line through the center) sewn over the Planet Hollywood logo on the back as well as various other patches sewn onto the jacket including most notable on the sleeves: An Oakland Raiders logo, a skull and crossbones, and on the other sleeve, a patch of an Oscar statue. Amos then paces around the ring looking out at the crowd from all 4 corners. Once Amos has dispensed of his entrance attire, he will put another toothpick in his mouth, as he is about to exit the ring, Dynamite is fed up and attacks him from behind.

FE: Amos just got ambushed!

SP: Rick White wants to make an impact, and what an impact it would be if he beat Amos Stamos here tonight!

Dynamite pulls Stamos back into the ring and hits him with a knee to the midsection. Dyanmite then pushes Stamos back into the ropes and whips him across the ring. Stamos comes off of the far ropes with a great deal of speed and as he gets back to Rick White, he is pulled off of his feet and lifted into the air in a spinebuster position. Just as he is about to be slammed down onto the mat, Stamos slides off of Dynamite's shoulders and spins him around, hitting him with a DDT. Stamos keeps hold of Dynamite and pulls him up to his feet. As he is about to drive him into the canvas with a second DDT, Dynamite pulls Stamos up into a vertical suplex and drops him down with a brainbuster. Dynamite sits up and turns towards Stamos again and proceeds to punch him repeatedly in the forehead. Stamos struggles to break free as Dynamite holds him down with one hand and continues the barrage of punches with the other. Finally, Stamos frees himself and quickly makes his way over to the turnbuckle where he tries to gather himself. But as he is, Dynamite walks up behind him and grabs him in a reverse waistlock. Quickly, Stamos swings his right arm, trying to make contact with the side of Dynamite's head, but Rick White ducks it and is now face-to-face with Stamos. He quickly grabs him and tosses him nearly halfway across the ring with a perfectly executed Belly to Belly Suplex.

SP: Nice suplex from "Dynamite" Rick White!

FE: Stamos looks ill! He isn't performing like usual!

Dynamite gets to his feet and calls for Stamos to get up. As he begins climbing to his feet, Dynamite runs at him. Stamos quickly gets himself into a crouching position and thrusts forwards with all of his weight, driving his shoulder into Dynamite's stomach. Dynamite nearly folds in half around Stamos' shoulder and falls in a heap onto the mat. Stamos gets to his feet and slowly makes his way over to the turnbuckle. Stamos climbs to the top ropes and points down at Dynamite, getting some boos from the crowd. Stamos leaps into the air and shifts his weight forwards, causing him to perform a flip in mid-air, landing with a well-placed leg over the throat of Dynamite. Stamos rolls back up to his feet and stomps on Dynamite twice before running to the ropes. As he gets back, Stamos jumps and drops an elbow square in the center of Rick White's chest. Stamos gets to his knees and grabs Dynamite by his hair and pulls him into a sitting position, punching him in the face once before getting to his feet.

FE: He's back in this one! Stamos has got it in the bag!

SP: Unless Rick White can pull something off here!

Amos gets Dynamite back up to his feet and whips him into the corner. Amos follows closely and just as Dynamite's back hits the corner, Stamos nails him across the throat with a clothesline. Dynamite slumps over, trying to catch his breath and Stamos takes another run at him but Dynamite quickly stands and hits Stamos with a backhand chop right across his chest. Stamos stumbles backwards, and Dynamite quickly slaps his hand around Stamos' throat. Dynamite kicks Stamos in the gut and lifts him into the air and holds him there for a minute, before slamming him into the mat with such force that the ring looks as if it is about to collapse. Stamos holds his back in pain as Dynamite keeps his hand pressed against Stamos' windpipe. quickly, Stamos raises his right leg, hitting Dynamite with a low blow! Dynamite rolls away from Stamos as Amos slowly gets to his feet. Dynamite holds his groin as Stamos walks over to him and begins to cockily kick him in the ribs. Stamos pulls Dynamite to his feet and throws him to the ropes. Stamos bends over to backbody drop Dynamite, but he is hit with a boot to the teeth for his efforts.

FE: No! Stamos just got kicked in the mouth!

SP: This match is very, very close!

Dynamite punches Stamos in the face, causing him to fall back into the ropes. Dynamite hits a few quick slaps across Stamos' chest and then walks him towards the center of the ring. Dynamite points to the sky, getting a nice ovation from the crowd. He boots Stamos in the stomach and then pulls him between his legs. Dynamite hoists up him up for the "Dynamite" Blast (Last Ride Powerbomb), but Stamos fired back with a few quick punches to his head. Dynamite topples over backwards, with Stamos landing with all of his weight on Dynaimte's chest. Stamos quickly hooks the leg as Sam Onella makes the count: ...1...2... Dynamite kicks out! Stamos gets to his feet, looking very displeased and brings Dynamite to his feet once again. Stamos brings Dynamite over to the corner and slams his head against the top turnbuckle before spinning him around and placing him in a sitting position on the top ropes. Stamos steps up to the top rope and pulls Dynamite to his feet, hitting him with the Claim To Fame (Modified Superplex)! Stamos quickly moves around and makes the cover: ...1...2...3!!!

FE: Yes! I knew it!

SP: But a valiant effort by Rick White, nevertheless.

SC: Here is your winner by pinfall... AMOS STAMOS!!!

SP: Well fans, tonight may not have been his night, but I still see a lot of talent in "Dynamite" Rick White, and wouldn't be surprised at all to see him move on to amazing success later on in his career!

FE: You're such a milk-toast, Shane.

SP: Whoa...wait a minute! Ladies and gentlemen, I've just received word that the official stipulations for JMK's match at A Night Of Retribution have been released, and they are as follows.....It will be gauntlet style match, and anyone who wishes to enter may do so at anytime during the match. Once pinned, or forced to submit, the challengers will be eliminated, be it by Jakkob McKain or any other participant involved. Because of the stacked odds, however, Jakkob will have to be defeated under Mexican Deathmatch rules, where by he has 10 seconds to return to his feet after every fall. Get this, the match will end ONLY when Jakkob is pinned or forced to submit, or when Jakkob has defeated all on-coming challengers!

FE: He's gonna be killed, Shane! I love it!

SP: Yes....I suppose you would.

FE: Don't hate, Shane, don't hate.

SP: Whatever, fans, we've got even more action to bring to you, and our next one is for the O.C.W Blast! title between Bobby D and Sabre, so let's take you to it. Shirley?

Shirley Callway: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match is scheduled for one-fall, and will be for the O.C.W Blast! Title. Coming down to the ring first, he stands 6'5", and weighs in tonight at 303 pounds, from Middlesbrough, England, he is the challenger, SAAAAAABRE!

"No Limits" by 2 Unlimited hits the speakers as red and white pyro fill the entrance area. When they die down, Sabre emerges from behind the ring curtain accompanied by Magenta. Sabre then proceeds to do a few poses showing everyone his fine physique before walking slowly to the ring. On the way he taunts a few members of the crowd and talks trash about his opponent, and then finally gets in the ring, only to do a few more poses while waiting for his opponent.

Shirley: His opponent, standing 6'4", and weighing in tonight at 260 pounds, from Beverly Hills, California, he is the O.C.W BLAST! CHAMPION, "BEAUTIFUL" BOBBY D!

The lights inside the arena go out, and a single spotlight shines down toward the ring entrance. "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred begins to blast over the PA, and out onto the ramp steps "Beautiful" Bobby D, looking sharp in a pair of blue jeans and a tight white t-shirt. The entire crowd begins to boo in unison, but Bobby seems oblivious to it all. He has a huge smile on his face, truly believing that each and every fan absolutely adores him. He stands on the top of the ramp and begins to flex his muscles, showing off his fabulous physique. He kisses his right bicep, and then begins to make his way down the entrance ramp. Ignoring the boos and obscene gestures he receives as he makes his way down to the ring, he eventually climbs up the ring steps and enters the squared circle. Once inside, he strikes yet another pose for the fans in attendance, and then moves over to a corner of the ring. There, he pulls a small hand held mirror out of his tights and admires his reflections as he waits for referee Phil McNeal to call for the bell.

SP: Look at the way Bobby D's just gawking at Magenta. It almost seems like she likes it, too!

FE: Of course she likes it! Look at that smile, Shane! Bobby's smile is so perfect he's over-qualified for a tooth-paste commercial!

SP: Well, being as confident as I am in my sexuality, I can admit when another man has many attractive features that women would take particular interest in, and I must admit Bobby D keeps himself in great shape from head to toe.

FE: Shane, get your hands out of your pants.

As Bobby D goes to great lengths to catch Magenta's eye outside the ring and give her a little smile, looking her up and down and loving every minute of it, Sabre is struggling to maintain his composure, and is turning red in the face with jealousy. As Bobby D kisses the air and gives her a little wink, it's the straw that breaks the camel's back as Sabre charges Bobby D with such fire it even catches Magenta off guard, as Bobby turns around just in time to be taken to the canvas by a massive forearm, dropping Bobby D like a ton of bricks with the vicious clothesline. Not missing a beat, Sabre then yanks Bobby back up by the hair, still obviously dazed, and whips him into the ropes, chasing after him, and catching him almost immediately after he rebounds with a shoulderblock that looked like a car wreck, with Bobby D playing the role of the wandering antelope. With Bobby back-pedaling on the mat, Sabre begins putting the boots to him, backing him into the corner, and then using his foot to strangle him over the bottom rope as referee Phil McNeal begins counting. As Bobby D struggles for breath, Sabre picks him up again, this time in a bodyslam, and then runs across the ring before driving Bobby D to the mat, nearly putting him through the canvas and down to the floor below with the force behind the move. The match clearly not on his mind, Sabre then jumps on Bobby D and begins choking him, as Bobby looks helplessly at the ref.

SP: Wow, has Bobby D brought out the bad-side of Sabre tonight or what?!

FE: Yeah, undoubtedly a bad night to propose to Magenta.

SP: You're not kidding! Apparently Sabre sees a strange resemblance in Bobby D and the man who killed his parents that he must not have noticed before.

FE: Either that or Bobby D accidentally sent the naked autographed pictures to the wrong locker room.

SP: I was wondering where those came from.......

As Phil McNeal manages to tear Sabre off of Bobby D, trying to warn him, Sabre turns his back to the referee and his words fall on dead ears as he goes to resume work on Bobby D, who has slipped outside the ring. Chasing after him, Bobby D is using the ring apron to hold himself up, and is slowly making his way towards Magenta, who has again caught his eye. Only a matter of feet from her, it seems he's completely forgotten about the match, as Sabre pulls a chair out from under the ring, and referee Phil McNeal threatens to disqualify him from over the top rope. Again, his words falling on silent ears, Sabre winds up and prepares to deliver an absolutely lethal blow to the back of Bobby D, but Bobby hears the referee's warnings and ducks just in the nick of time. The chair, instead, connects with Magenta. As Magenta falls to the ground in a pile, Sabre drops the chair horrified and runs over to console her, but now the fire is lit in Bobby D's eyes, and with Sabre's back to him, he runs up behind him and throws him face first into the post, producing a resounding "clang!", and then rolling him into the ring, just as Phil McNeal got to the 9 count. Bobby D then rolls into the ring to break the count and rolls back out, picking Magenta up in his arms and laying her across the color commentators table gently, before turning back to the ring. As he climbs onto the apron, Sabre is back to his feet and looking to send him back to the floor with a punch, but Bobby ducks it, and wraps his arm around Sabre's neck, as if for a reverse DDT. He then climbs up onto the middle ropes and flips over, planting Sabre head-first into the canvas in a variation DDT, as he goes for the cover. Phil McNeal counts 1.....2....Sabre kicks out.

SP: It looks like Bobby was just as fired up over the accidental chairshot as Sabre was over the kissy-faces from Bobby D.

FE: Jealousy can be an ugly thing. Especially in the locker rooms after gym!

SP: Wait, what?

FE: I don't want to talk about it.

With Sabre dazed from the quick move, Bobby D picks him up with a waist lock from behind only to dump him over backwards in a snap german suplex, only to pick him up again as if to go for another. Instead, he lifts him up as if for an atomic drop and plants him on the top ropes, facing the outside. Bobby D then runs against the far corner and runs to the opposite side, leaping into the air and dropkicking Sabre in the back, sending him topping off the top rope and down to the floor, as Bobby D steps outside onto the apron, and moving to the far end before turning around to face Sabre as he slowly gets to his feet. Staggering, and obviously fatigued from the fall, Sabre is slow to one knee and even slower to both feet, and as he turns around it's like watching someone twice his age. He's also too slow to stop Bobby D as he runs down the side of the apron and then leaps off the post with both feet, diving through the air and nailing Sabre with a cross body block that sends him back to the floor, as Bobby D resumes hammering away at Sabre's face. Picking him up, he then throws him into the steel steps, sending them toppling to the side, as Sabre shuts his eyes and grits his teeth in pain. Bobby D then picks him up again and rolls him into the ring, but holds onto his ankles so as not to allow him to get away from him. Climbing onto the apron, he then pulls Sabre to his feet and ties his arms up in the ropes, before stepping in and preparing to go back to work. Once inside, Bobby takes a minute to figure out exactly what he wants to do next, and then takes a few steps back, and begins stomping his foot onto the mat in rhythm, calling for the Face Lift (Sweet Chin Music). As he gets ready to launch the assault, side-stepping and looking for the kick, he's stopped Magenta reaches over the ropes and grabs him by the wrist, pulling him back, keeping him from nailing Sabre. Seeing her, Bobby begins walking towards her, slowly, and now taking her hand in his he moves dangerously close, as Magenta tries to back-pedal, only to be pulled back closer by Bobby, who dips her over the ropes and plants one on her that hits her even harder then the chairshot.

SP: Whoa-ho-ho, Hollywood, eat your heart out!

FE: I think Magenta accidentally swallowed Bobby D's tongue, and now he's trying to get it back!

SP: And Sabre is none too happy!

FE: Well from our vantage point it's hard to tell for sure, but I feel it's safe to say he has officially shit himself a brick.

As the kiss goes well into the one minute mark, Sabre finally pulls himself free of the ropes, as Bobby D is completely oblivious, his back turned and his eyes passionately shut. As Sabre grabs him by the shoulders and spins him around, breaking the kiss, he again wraps his arms tightly around his throat and backs him into the corner, choking the very life out of him, forcing him to the mat until Sabre cannot bend any further at the waist. Correcting this problem, Sabre snaps up and raises Bobby back into the air by the throat and then drives him back down hard into a Baldo Bomb that makes the entire ring jump. Sabre then picks Bobby back up and lifts him high over his head, and then throws Bobby D outside the ring, over the top rope, with the Sabresonic. Following him outside the ring, Sabre then picks him up as if for a powerslam and slides Bobby back under the bottom rope, but still close to the post. With his eyes set on Bobby's still recovering knee, Sabre pulls him by the ankles towards that corner post, crotching him, and then slapping on an excruciating Sabremission (Corner-Post Figure Four Leglock). Instantly, Bobby begins to scream submission, but because the move is illegal, it means nothing. As the referee counts Sabre out, Sabre has to break the hold around 9 and slip back in before the 10, which he easily does, as Bobby is overwhelmed with pain. Unable to stand, Bobby crawls to where Sabre is standing in the middle of the ring, and Sabre has to pull him to his feet, Bobby using him to lean against for stability. Taking advantage of this, Sabre whips around to nail Bobby with a Sabrecrusher, as it looks like the end for Bobby D's title reign. As Sabre stalls with Bobby's head on his shoulder, looking to hit this one just right, Bobby wraps his arms around Sabre's neck in an act of desperation and falls limp to the mat, dragging Sabre down, nailing him with a Sweet Dreams (Sleeper Drop)


FE: And not a moment too soon!

SP: You've got to admire Bobby's heart, still fighting despite that nagging knee injury.

FE: What is it with you and admiring people's heart.

SP: Hey, to each his own. I admire their hearts, you admire their-

FE: DON'T say it. I refuse to have you, Shane Parker of all people, score one on yours truly.

As Sabre slowly gets back to his feet after the move, and Bobby still struggling to get up with the help of the ropes, Sabre calls for the end, angry with himself he hesitated before. As Sabre approaches the seemingly defenseless Bobby D, relying on the ropes to help keep him vertical, Bobby shows he's still got some fight in him, nailing Sabre with a forearm shot to the head. As Sabre staggers backward a bit, and then comes back, Bobby kicks him in the stomach with his good leg, doubling him over, and allowing the ropes to help him spring back to his feet, holding onto them for dear life. Bobby then leaps into the air again showing impressive athleticism, and sweeps Sabre's legs out from under him, completing the EgoTrip combination. Unfortunately for Bobby D, it only seems to enrage Sabre further, as he damn near rockets back to his feet and into the face of Bobby, grabbing him and throwing him across the ring to the opposite side, with Bobby landing upside down in the corner. Trying again to stand and fight back, Sabre takes a running start and kicks out his bad knee, sending Bobby D hard to the mat, again in pain. Picking him back up, Sabre tries going for the Sabrecrusher, but Bobby D falls to the mat before he can grab hold of him, being so unstable on the one leg. Quickly coming up with a solution for the problem, Sabre merely picks Bobby D up and plants him on the top turnbuckle, where Sabre then climbs onto the middle rope, reaching up to grab Bobby D and set him up for it. As he reaches back to grab hold of Bobby, however, Bobby smartly leans back as far as he can, to avoid such from happening. As Sabre arches his back and finally grabs hold of Bobby's hair, Bobby leans forward quickly and actually begins tumbling over Sabre and down to the mat, reaching up just before hitting the mat and grabbing Sabre around the head, hitting him with his own finisher of the Sabrecrusher (Stone Cold Stunner) from the top rope!




FE: DON'T TELL ME.......

Phil McNeal counts 1........2.......3!





SP: Well, I guess you know what they say. It's better to be pissed off then pissed on.

Winner: Bobby D Time: 4:43

The arena lights go down so that darkness completely envelopes the place. A sound similar to that of helicopter propellers imposes itself upon the arena; at the same time strobe lighting begins to flash.

FE: I think we're about to enjoy the company of the Real Deal, Shane.

SP: Great! We get to listen to another one of his tangents.

Soon after the famous Rage Against The Machine drum n' bass section joins in creating a sound that increases the anticipation in the crowd - at this point the lighting effect changes from the flashing strobe to four huge searchlights that roll across the crowd and arena in random rotations. The drum, bass and guitar section now builds a little more frantic and everyone in the arena is on the edge of their seats; the anticipation growing to an almost unbearable level.

FE: You can feel the excitement building amongst this crowd.

About 45 seconds have passed when the distinctive and famous sound of a Tom Morello riff throws Audioslave's "Cochise" into full swing and also sets off a series of staggered pyro explosions fire from below the entrance stage that spray the darkness with a myriad of colours. The excitement in the crowd boils over into frenzied cheers as more pyros fire off from below the stage. As the awesome and blessed voice of Chris Cornell opens the vocals J-Man steps from behind the curtain and the crowd go absolutely crazy.

FE: Listen to this crowd! They sure love J-Man

SP: They'd love a sheep if you dressed it up with a mic and instructed it to make cheap pops.

J-Man paces about the stage, shouting to and egging on the crowd's cheers - unable to contain his own excitement. J-Man walks down the ramp, spinning around at about the halfway point and signalling another folly of pyros; he runs the rest of the way and slides under the bottom rope. J-Man climbs to the second rope of the nearest turnbuckle and strikes a pose with his arms stretched out that encourages another spine-tingling roar of delight from the crowd.

SP: Will he quit with the posing already. This is not HIS SHOW after all.

J-Man climbs down off the turnbuckle and calls for a mic which he promptly receives. He walks to the centre of the ring and gets on with it.

The Real Deal: Last week the great people of Atlanta, Georgia bore witness to the most ELECTRIFYING moment in Omega Championship Wrestling version two history - the debut, or re-debut if you see it that way, of the only stellar performer this industry has to offer, the one true hero of all it's fans: the REAL DEAL! Not only did they get the opportunity to experience this EPIC moment in this great company's wonderful history but they got to see the one thing that only this man can legitimately dish out - ELECTRIFICATION!!!

Crowd pops.

SP: He certainly did that!

FE: He got lucky, Shane. Lucky is all he got.

The Real Deal: Sabre, you talked the talk last week. Hell, you talked a very big talk. I expected no less and I respect you for not disappointing but when it came down to it there was no chance whatsoever that Sabreization would defeat ELECTRIFICATION. I don't know, Sabre, maybe last week you just didn't have it; maybe last week was one of those rare weeks that ALL wrestlers NOT SUPERSTARS have when they just can't hit that high note. Maybe it was your preparation, Sabre. Maybe if you'd not spent the whole time whining and maybe doing some preparation you'd have faired better. Who knows, maybe if you had followed my example you'd have faired a whole lot least then you'd have achieved some success.

Crowd pops.

SP: That sure was a mighty fine party. I hope I get invited to J-Man's next one.

FE: Yeah right, Shane!

The Real Deal: You could consider all that as a possible reason for why I beat you last week Sabre but maybe you ought to consider this one - I'm BETTER THAN YOU! *crowd pops* But that aside Sabre, you are and will be a worthy opponent to all who face you, and you DO have my respect...for what it's worth. But I didn't bring myself out here to gloat about last week. I'm not wrestling tonight, but even so I don't think it is just as long as I am under contract here in OCW to deprive you, the fans, of your dose of the REAL DEAL. Still, I didn't come out here, have the technicians set off that extravagant, and over-expensive, firework display just to say 'hi, it's me the REAL DEAL. How ya doing?' For every means there is an end, and to every end there is a purpose. My purpose tonight is to lay down a little proposition.

SP: Proposition? What could this be?

FE: Maybe he'll invite us all to one of his parties.

SP: Let's hope!

The Real Deal: When I came here I told of how there was a reason behind it. I had a plan, something that would finally manifest my name as one of the greats. Well, due to unforeseen circumstances, that plan has been disrupted and I've had to do some thinking about how I can maintain this dream, but according to the unforeseen circumstances. I don't know why, nor do I wish to broach the subject at length, but there seems to be a lot of people going in the wrong direction: namely, out the door. Already we've had two mainstays up and leave and I'm hearing rumours out back that several others are thinking the same. This has led me to act with a little more haste than originally intended, and now I turn my attentions to FOUR men.

J-Man pauses a moment to allow the viewers to ask the question 'what four?'

The Real Deal: Chris O'Hann. I've known you Chris for close to 18 months ago. I've never had any issues with you whatsoever but you are somebody over whom I hold no victory - as a matter of fact we've never even met in the squared circle. I want that to change that. I know you have some business to attend to with Damien Caige but I am offering you the opportunity to be part of the most spectacular event in the history of not only OCW but this whole industry. I know you are a man, Chris, who had the tendency to develop a case of the limber tail when the kitchen gets a little hot, so I do not anticipate much from you. But if you are suddenly feeling a little brave, and I have some whisky if that'll help, then all you gotta do is wait for what else I have to say and let it be known how you are going to deal with it.

SP: Did J-Man just make a challenge to Chris O'Hann?

FE: It sounds like it?

The Real Deal: Sabre. It might be a little surprising that I've named you, especially after I proved last week all I need to as far as you are concerned - or that will be the opinion of most. But Sabre, I know you are a man worthy of the big occasion and are a man who can rise to it. I hold a score of two-zero in one-on-one competition with you, but I want to make three-zero and I want it to be something EVERYBODY remembers. Sabre, I've no qualms about you. As much of a jackass you might be, you are certainly no coward.

Everybody in the arena and around the world is now wondering to what point J-Man is heading. He pauses for a moment before continuing.

The Real Deal: El Nutso. Number one contender for the OCW Ultimate Championship. Well done, hombre, you are not undeserving of the opportunity you have at NIGHT OF REDEMPTION. You can make history, El Nutso, if you can achieve what you no doubt hope to but before you I am presenting the opportunity to be part of something much more historic, and you wouldn't even have to compromise anything you already have. And finally: Pain Killer. The so-called best in the world. The Ultimate Champ. OCW Hall of Famer. Former OCW World Champion. His list of accolades are seemingly endless. Well PK, how about it? Do you believe you, the great Pain Killer, can stop this express train?

SP: What is J-Man talking about? I'm confused here.

FE: That makes two of us.

The Real Deal: You're all no doubt wondering 'what on earth is he talking about?' Well, allow me to educate you. At NIGHT OF REDEMPTION I am making a challenge to Chris O'Hann, Sabre, El Nutso & Pain Killer to partake in a one-time, first of its kind match, regardless of what else NIGHT OF REDEMPTION has in store of you. What exactly do I mean? Well Pain Killer & El Nutso will square off for the ULTIMATE CHAMPIONSHIP, right? Chris O'Hann could face Damien Caige, and Sabre probably has something in mind for NIGHT OF REDEMPTION. All of this matters not to me. I do not want to be part of any of these matches and none of them need be compromised for the sake of what I am proposing. To break it down for the cretins: There will be four matches in which I face all four named men separately in one on one combat, but in a consecutive sequence, regardless of what occurs or happens to me in preceding matches; that is to say, if I were pinned in the first, second or third match those scheduled to follow would do so. Only once the fourth, and final, match is complete does the sequence end. This is not to be a gauntlet match.

SP: Did you understand any of that?

FE: Yeah. He wants to face all four men separately one after the other.

SP: Oh!

The Real Deal: First match - Chris O'Hann. It'll be standard rules, first fall wins. Second match - Sabre. Two out of three falls. First fall - standard rules. Second fall - Submission only. Third fall - We bring out the tables. *pauses* Third Match - El Nutso. Well amigo, how about we make things a little crazy? We suspend a buzzer 20 feet above the ring, the first to hit it wins. Basically it's a modified ladder match. And then there was one.

There are whispers amongst the crowd as they try to guess what J-Man has planned for a possible match with Pain Killer.

The Real Deal: Good ol' Pain Killer. What is it that I could possibly have in store for you. Well I have designed a match that will not only allow me to prove myself the better man, because truly this is a match that only the better man could win, but it will give me the opportunity to defeat you before the entire world in your forte match - HARDCORE! After I have defeated O'Hann, Sabre & EL Nutso we will have a steel cage lowered around us. It's not your usual steel cage though, because it has a roof and fastened to the sides of the cage will be all sorts of weapons that enable one human to inflict horrendous physical damage upon another - and, of course, the cage itself is a weapon. On top of this, it's not your usual escape or pinfall cage match; in this one you have to knock out your opponent, that is keep them down for a ten count. This is what I call a DUNGEON MATCH!


The crowd erupts with delight at the prospect. J-Man signals for them to quieten down and eventually they do.

The Real Deal: Now calm down people. There is no guarantee of this all going ahead. I can't foresee any problems as far as Mr. Middle is concerned but how far can you trust these so-called superstars of OCW? Does yellow bellied O'Hann really have the balls to step up to this challenge? Do you really think Sabre wants to lose three times to the REAL DEAL? Can we truly rely on El Nutso to follow up his claims? And is Pain Killer the Ultimate CHAMP or is he the Ultimate CHUMP? It's down to them to let us all know the truth. And to those concerned, this isn't a cheap punk out and as much as you may want to dismiss what I am offering because you have more important matters at hand, do you really? It is only your dignity at stake after all. Chris O'Hann, Sabre, El Nutso, Pain Killer: I'll offer no more rhetoric, but if you've got the stuff get ready to be electrified.

J-Man drops the mic. "Cochise" by Audioslave hits the PA. J-Man does a round of poses then exits the ring and heads up the ramp.

SP: How crazy is J-Man? He wants to face four of OCW's top stars ON THE SAME NIGHT!!!

FE: What a conceited (bleep)!

J-Man disappears behind the curtain but a few seconds later he returns with a mic.

The Real Deal: Cut the music! *the music stops* I'm sorry. In all the excitement there I forgot to mention one very important reason for my gracing tonight's show. Next week on Blast! Bobby D, you're getting a lesson on how to kick this shit like the REAL DEAL! Hit the music!

"Cochise" by Audioslave hits again, J-Man disappears backstage.

SP: J-Man versus Bobby D! That will be next week! What an impact the REAL DEAL is making!

(The scene cuts to a commercial for Slacker 3: “The World’s Strongest Fat Gainer.” After the commercial ends, the camera cuts back to ringside and Shirley for the call)

Shirley: Ladies and gentlemen, our next match, is scheduled for one-fall. Making his way to the ring at this time, he stands 6'2", and weighs in tonight at 240 pounds. Hailing from Toronto, Canada, he is, CHRIS O'HAAAAAAN!

The lighting fades as "Click Click Boom" by Saliva, echos around the arena. As the lights come back on, Chris is already making his way down the ramp. He jumps on to the ring apron and enters the ring between the top and middle rope, and poses on the nearest turnbuckle as the music dies off, and Shirley gets back on the stick.

Shirley: His opponent, standing 6'3", and weighing in at 225 pounds, from Erie, Indiana, he is The Hardcore Legend, and O.C.W. Ultimate Champion, he is, PAIN KILLER!

As the chorus of "Lose Yourself" by Eminem blasts through the arena. Grey, Black, and White spotlights flicker as smoke fills the ramp. Through the midst of it all.........penetrates the one, the only......PaiN KiLLeR, who makes his way to the ring eagerly, not even a glint of fear in his eyes. Just a confident smile, and a thirst for blood that by now we've all come to expect from good ol' PK.

As PK steps into the ring, O'Hann charges across the ring full of adrenaline, only to be met by a devestating right hand from Pain Killer. Holding his ground, O'Hann fires back with a shot of his own, and as Pain Killer goes to answer that one, O'Hann ducks and slips behind Pain Killer, locking him up in a Full Nelson, and then suplexing him to the mat on top of his neck. Snapping back to his feet, O'Hann picks PK up and fires him into the ropes, and as PK rebounds O'Hann falls forward into a hand-stand, his feet in the air, catching PK around the neck by his ankles and taking him down with a head-scissor takedown. Now with an adrenaline rush of his own, fueled by anger and surprise, PK gets back to his feet before O'Hann, dragging him over to the corner and hammering him with body shots, taking the wind out of O'Hann's sails. PK then lifts him over his head in a Gorilla Press, and dumps him hard back to the mat where O'Hann lands sprawled out like a starfish, getting more then perhaps he'd bargained for. Leaving him to collect himself for a moment, PK then returns to the corner and begins un-buckling the turnbuckle, so to speak, exposing the steel. He then picks O'Hann up by the hair and looks to drive him face-first into the steel, but O'Hann puts a boot up to block it. O'Hann then wraps his arms around Pain Killer's head, as if for a diamond cutter, and then places his other foot on the turnbuckle, kicking up and over Pain Killer, and pulling him down hard into a reverse DDT.

SP: Excellent counter there by O'Hann! Perhaps Pain Killer underestimated him a bit after-all.

FE: Are you crazy? It's Pain Killer! The man should be free to under-estimate anyone he wants! He's champ!

SP: Are you President of his fan-club or something?!

FE: I wish!

With PK down and cradling his head, obviously feeling the effects of the come-from-behind move, O'Hann climbs onto the top ropes behind him, perched as he patiently waits for PK to make it back to his feet. As Pain Killer slowly stands, hunched over and with his back still to O'Hann, O'Hann leaps off the top ropes and flips on top of Pain Killer, landing back to back and with Pain Killer's head under O'Hann's butt, and between his legs. Hooking PK's arms, O'Hann quickly rotates to the side, straightens his back, and drops down into a Ground Zero (Verte-breaker) that could've easily paralyzed PK. With the crowd on their feet after the innovative set-up to the devestating trademark move, O'Hann again goes to the top ropes this time looking for a Frog Splash. Leaping off, PK has the sense to roll out of the way. With O'Hann slow to his feet, PK grabs O'Hann by the hair and pulls him to his feet, whipping him into the corner with the exposed steel, as O'Hann arches his back, staggering forward in pain. PK then catches him and lifts him up in a stalling suplex, only to bring him down hard into the mat head-first with a brainbuster. With O'Hann down and out, PK now climbs the top ropes, calling for an elbow drop but taking his time, showing off how calculated his most devestating moves are, as O'Hann continues to show no sign of life after the vicious DDT. Finally, PK leaps off the ropes and nails a picture perfect flying elbow drop, with on to the heart of O'Hann. Covering for the pin, referee Will Redman counts 1......2...O'Hann kicks out.

FE: Did you see the impact behind that elbow drop? That was like watching the bombs fall on Hiroshima!

SP: O'Hann's back to his feet though, so he must not be ready to give this up just yet!

As O'Hann staggers up and towards PK, clearly un-easy and struggling to maintain his balance somewhat, Pain Killer grabs him by the throat and pulls him forward, looking for a chokeslam, and perhaps a prelude to the Justice Served (Top Rope Chokeslam). Lifting O'Hann into the air, Pain Killer is suddenly faced with resistance as O'Hann locks his legs around PK in a body scissor, with one over his far shoulder, and the other under his extended arm, his ankles locked behind him. As O'Hann squeezes the very life out of Pain Killer, and it grows increasingly harder to hit the move correctly, O'Hann finally manages to take the advantage, breaking PK's hold on his throat and twisting the arm off to the side, dragging PK down to the mat and easily moving into a Crippler Crossface. Close enough to the ropes that he can grab them, O'Hann is forced to break the hold, but then quickly moves to PK's legs, folding one leg over the other and then picking him up in a Texas Cloverleaf, and pulling him away from the ropes, dragging him to the middle of the ring. Will Redmen checks for the submission, but Pain Killer instead opts to try and power out of it. Managing to crawl towards the ropes, and getting ever closer, O'Hann decides to abort this move as well, springing up only to drop an elbow on PK, followed by another, slowing him down. O'Hann then picks PK up and backs him the remaining few feet into the corner, where he begins hammering him with chops and punches, only to climb on the middle rope and start a 10 punch. After eight, however, PK picks him up and spins him around, O'Hann now sitting on the top turnbuckle, as PK climbs up looking for the GoinG PosTaL (Top Rope Superplex). O'Hann however blocks the attempt, and as the crowd falls silent, reverses it into into a suplex of his own, O'Hann pushing off the top ropes as they fly out of the ring, driving PK through the time keeper's table with a trademark snap suplex that shatters the table into 1000 pieces.



Both men slow to emerge from the wreckage, O'Hann is the first to get up, sliding into the ring as the referee counts 6.......7.......8.......9....Pain Killer manages to roll against the apron, get to his knees, and drag himself into the ring, but is obviously beat, barely breaking the 10 count. O'Hann, eager to take control, picks PK up and whips him into the ropes, and as he comes back, looking for a desperation clothesline, O'Hann easily ducks under it, catching PK from behind, and delivering a vicious German Suplex to the mat, bridging for the pin. Referee Will Redmen counts 1......2....PK gets a shoulder up. Again, O'Hann picks PK up, and this time sets him up as if for a bear-hug, only to shoot him over head and across the ring with an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex. Going over to where PK landed, O'Hann locks him into a Figure Four and it's all PK can do to keep his shoulders off the mat to avoid the 3 count. As he seems to be losing control, falling farther and farther into defeat, PK raises an arm trying to reverse the submission, as O'Hann tries to fight against it. All of a sudden, Ryan Trent comes out from the backstage and begins running towards the ring, jumping up onto the apron, and starting to get in. Immediately, referee Will Redman cuts him off and demands he leaves the entrance area, arguing with Trent as everyone kind of looks on stupified. With the referee's back turned, O'Hann takes full advantage of the situation, grabbing onto the top ropes for leverage, and growing dangerously close to permanently injuring Pain Killer.

SP: What the hell is Ryan Trent doing out here?!

FE: Look!


As Trent continues to distract the referee, El Nutso has come from the crowd and climbed up onto the top turnbuckles. With the crowd on their feet, and PK unable to escape due to the Figure Four, El Nutso leaps off the ropes with plenty of time, nailing the 705 (Double Moonsault Splash) on Pain Killer. El Nutso then quickly rolls out of the ring and under the apron, as Trent finally hops down and allows the ref to do his job, turning around to see Pain Killer still locked in that Figure Four, and laying flat on the mat. Referee Will Redman drops to the mat, and starts the count. 1.......2......3! Chris O'Hann picks up the upset victory!




Winner: Chris O'Hann Time: 4:50

As the referee calls for the bell, and officially awards the match to O'Hann, El Nutso and Trent get back into the ring and start putting the boots to Pain Killer. O'Hann has no interest in participating any further in the transpiring madness, so he returns to the backstage area. Picking PK up, Trent holds his arms as El Nutso begins decimating him with a series of hard kicks and punches, as Trent then turns him around and nails him with The Trent Driver (Evenflow DDT), as Nutso again climbs the top ropes, and Trent rolls outside the ring, getting a table out from under the apron, and then sliding back in with it. As Pain Killer is trying to stand, Trent hammers away at him and slows him back down, setting up the table, and rolling Pain Killer onto it. Holding down his legs, he then calls for El Nutso to hit the 705 one more time, as the crowd is on their feet. With a final look around the arena, El Nutso launches into the air a second time and drives PK through the table with the second 705 (Double Moonsault) of the night, as El Nutso spits on him and he and Trent make their way back to the locker rooms, content with the attack on PK.

(The scene cuts backstage where Achilleos is sitting in the locker room watching some TV. GM Dave walks in to the room unannounced)

DM: Where is Jakkob McKain?

Achilleos: (without turning around) He’s not here at the moment.

DM: And who the hell are you?

Achilleos: My name is Achilleos.

DM: Achilleos? Are you on the card tonight?

Achilleos: No, I am here in support of Jakkob McKain. I am his manager of sorts.

DM: And you don’t wrestle anymore?

Achilleos: No, I have had injuries that do not allow me to wrestle. I am officially retired.

DM: Oh really? Well if you’d like to stay employed by Omega Championship Wrestling, you will see action as of next week at the latest, and only because all we have left of tonight is the main event match, of which you deserve no part. Since you look pretty rusty, and have these supposed "injuries", I will place you in dark matches for the next six or eight weeks, at least until you've shaken some of the ring rust off. Then maybe we'll see what Seth Fanatic's doing, and maybe get you involved with him.

Achilleos: I don’t think that will be possible.

DM: Well, the way I see it, OCW doesn’t need another washed-up financial drain, especially one who chooses not to perform. So if you’re here just to watch, I suggest you buy a ticket like everyone else, because as of this moment…YOU’RE FIRED!

(Dave lets out an evil bellow of a laugh and walks out of the room as Achilleos drops his head in distress)

SP: Can you believe THAT, Frank? Who the hell does this guy think he is?!

FE: Well, it's good he's friends with Paul Middle, because he doesn't seem to be making too many others backstage.

SP: I can only imagine how this is going to effect Jakkob McKain going into his match tonight, having just seen his mentor and friend in Achilleos, now fired from the O.C.W. and banned from backstage. But, as they say, the show must go on, and it's about that time, so, let's go to Shirley in the ring.

SC: The following match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Hell, Mighigan... standing six feet, four and a half inches, weighing in at 261 pounds... JAKKOB MCKAIN!!!

The second before "Downfall" by TRUST Co. starts, the lights go off, and as soon as the main guitar riff kicks in the strobe lights start flashing and as the second guitar picks up, two red spotlights on either side of the ramp criss-cross in the middle, illuminating JMK's previously darkened figure. He smooths out the tape on his wrists and waves to the fans, acknowledging them and thanking them for their respective cheers as he slowly ascends the stairs, steps through the ropes, and slowly shuffles across to the corner to his right, testing out the ropes, and doing some last minute stretches on the ropes before the lights return and his music cuts.

SC: And his opponent... from his own private Hell, weighing in at 245 pounds, and standing six feet four inches... He is The Misguided Youth... DAMIEN CAIGE!!!

All the lights in the arena fade out until all that can be seen is the sight of thousands of flickering lighters through-out the building as the sounds of "I Put A Spell On You" by Marilyn Manson booms over the loud speakers. Suddenly a huge explosion goes off on the stage leaving a cloud of smoke behind as The Misguided Youth Damien Caige steps out from behind the curtain and slowly makes his way down the ramp as a variety of multicolored lights begin to flash. Upon reaching the ring Caige slides in under the bottom rope and immediately sits down in the corner with his head bowed as if he’s praying to someone or something and as the lights fade back in Caige slowly makes it up to his feet.

SP: I can't wait to see how this one will turn out!

FE: I wanna see some blood!

Caige walks towards Jakkob, who is keeping a close eye on him. Caige immediately locks up with McKain, and brings him to his knee with a side headlock. Damien hits a few quick punches to Jakkob's forehead before he's pushed off and sent to the ropes. As he bounces back towards JMK, he jumps over an attempted drop toe hold. Jakkob quickly gets to his feet and turns toward his opponent, who hits him bakc down to the mat with a shoulder block. Damien looks down at McKain and then takes off towards the ropes again. he rebounds and comes back at McKain, looking to hit a knee drop, but McKain manages to roll out of the way. JMK gets to his feet and heads over towards the corner. Damien is up quickly also and runs at JMK who has his back turned. As Caige jumps to hit McKain in the back of the head with a flying forearm, JMK sidesteps it and directs his head into the top turnbuckle. Damien stumbles backwards, holding his mouth and walks right into a release Northen Light Suplex from McKain. McKain then gets to his feet and grabs Caige by the back of the shirt.

FE: That suplex could ave turned the entire match around if JMK can capitalize.

SP: You may be right for once.

JMK gets Caige to his feet and as he whips him to the ropes, Caige manages to hold onto JMK's arm and pulls him back, nailing him with a short-arm clothesline. Jakkob hits the mat flat on his back, with Caige still holding onto his arm. Damien jumps up, and drops a leg right onto McKain's elbow joint. Caige gets to his feet, still holding JMK's arm and applies an armbar. Referee Sam Onella asks JMK if he gives up, but Jakkob shakes his head. Damien tightens the hold as JMK begins moving towards the ropes, reaching out as far as he possibly can with his free arm. JMK continues to shakes his head and every now and then lets out a small cry of pain. Finally, just as is looks like Damien is about to break his arm, JMK grabs onto the ropes and Sam Onella breaks the two men apart. Damien gets to his feet and JMK rolls out of the ring, holding his right arm. JMK gets up into a kneeling position as Damien backs up. He takes a run, and slides out of the ring with a baseball slide, hitting JMK right in the side of the head. Both men tumble to the floor outside.

SP: Nice baseball slide by Damien!

FE: He should go play for the Diamondbacks! I hear they need... Well... A good team!

Sam Onella begins to issue the ten count: ...1...2...3... Damien crawls to his feet. 4...5... He walks over to McKain and pulls him up to a standing position. 6...7...8... Damien quickly smashes JMK's head into the steel steps before rolling him into the ring. Damien rolls in right after McKain and gets up to his feet, and taunts McKain, getting some heat from the crowd. Damien slowly walks over to McKain and drags him up to his feet. JMK finally gets some offense in as he hits some elbows to the stomach of Caige. Caige backs off as McKain punches him in the face. Jakkob winds up and takes a nice right-handed swing but Caige ducks it. JMK turns so his back is facing him because of the momentum and Damien takes advantage of his position and hits him with a knee right to the kidneys. Damien moves in front of McKain and lifts him into a vertical suplex, but instead of falling backwards, Damien pushes McKain outwards and grabs him by the back of the head, driving his face down into the mat.

FE: Wow! What a move!

SP: He calls that one The Black Blade. It's a vertical suplex into a sitdown facebuster, and it looks painful!

FE: You can say that again!

Damien lays resting for a moment before getting back up to his feet. JMK has rolled over to the ropes and pulls himself to his feet. JMK is leaning in the ropes as Daimen takes a run at him. This time, JMK gets to the mat and hits Damien with a drop toehold. Damien hits the mat face-first and quickly pulls himself onto the middle ropes. JMK leans over the top rope and places his knee on the back of Caige's neck, and reaching over, grabbing the middle ropes. JMK pulls the ropes back, choking Damien for a few seconds, and then lets go. As Caige lays over the middle ropes, JMK runs across the ring and comes off of the ropes. When he gets back to Damien, he jumps up and hits him with his knee, driving his neck onto the ropes again. Damien bounces back and lands on the mat, holding his throat. Jakkob then quickly gets onto the apron. He leans backwards, and then jumps up, springboarding off of the top rope and performing a very impressive Shooting Star Press-like backflip, but continues to rotate and lands ass-first onto Damien's rib cage. JMK stays in a sittion position on top of Damien for the cover as Sam Onella slides into position. ...1...2... Damien Caige manages to get his foot on the ropes! Sam sees this and points to it. Jakkob looks frustrated as he slowly gets to his feet.

SP: Caige got his foot on the rope after the Bombs Away from Jakkob McKain!

FE: That was close! I'm glad he got his foot up there on time!

Jakkob pulls Damien to his feet and punches him several times in the face before whipping him into the corner. Damien manages to get his hands on the ropes as he arrives in the corner and attempts to spring over Jakkob, but McKain grabs his legs and punches him in the abdomen so he loosens his grip. McKain then lifts Damien out of the corner and swings him around, dropping him over the top ropes all the way down to the floor, with him landing flat on his face! Damien rolls over onto his back and Jakkob climbs out of the ring. He pulls Damien to his feet and runs him face-first into the steel ringpost. Sam Onella has reached 4 as Jakkob rolls Damien back into the ring. JMK pulls Damien to his feet and whips him to the corner, but instead, Damien sends JMK hard into the corner, slamming his back into the turnbuckles. JMK stumbles towards Damien who lifts him up into a shoulder breaker position. Just as he is about to drop McKain with the Misguided Meltdown, JMK slides off of his shoulders into a sitting position on the top ropes. JMK quickly grabs Damien in a reverse headlock and lifts him into his submission The Ye Olde Gallows. Damien screams out in pain and finally submits. Sam Onella calls for the bell.

FE: No! You were right near the ropes!

SP: This match took too much out of him! Jakkob wins it with that dangerous submission!

SC: Here is you winner by submission... JAKKOB MCKAIN!!!

Winner: Jakkob McKain Time: 5:03

As referee Sam Onella raises Jakkob's hand in the air, and a chant of "J-M-K, J-M-K" begins to spread like the wave at a baseball game, the moment of glory is cut suddenly short as suddenly a sea of boo's drown out the cheers as Jakkob turns to the stage, only to see none other then the new General Manager walking down to ringside.

SP: What does he want now?? Hasn't he done enough!

FE: I get the feeling this guy's juuust getting started

As Jakkob McKain stands in the middle of the ring while the GM climbs up the stairs to the ring, the crowd starts the J-M-K chant a second time, which the GM immediately ignores. Stepping through the ropes, and confronting Jakkob nearly nose to nose, the GM raises the microphone he brought with him, and begins to speak, tearing into the current Aggression champion.

DM: Jakkob, I've been sitting backstage watching all of this, and finally, I just had to come out here and get something off of my chest. You see, there's a lot of stuff that goes on each week that I simply can't stand! Certain things that take place that simply never should've been allowed to occur. Apparently, there are some people here who simply don't know when it's their time to shine.......or their time to GET THE (BLEEP) OFF MY TV! But you know what, Jakkob, of all the things that I'm forced to sit through day in and day out, I want you to know that by far the most torturous of all of them, is having to stare at that god-damned kid of yours, and I want you to know that so you can make sure that it doesn't happen again!

Another heart-felt unison of boo's strikes the arena like thunder, as Jakkob uses every last ounce of restraint he can summon to keep from cleaning house with this guy, but the GM isn't done yet, oh no. Like Frank said, he's just getting started

DM: You see Jakkob, I don't care about all of that psychosomatic bull-sh*t you go through each week. I don't care about all of the parties mommy throws for you, I don't care about the little boo-boo with daddy coming from the gym, I don't care about the book signings, or the rock concerts, or the road trips, the fact of the matter is, you're on O.C.W. programming too damn much, and I know I speak for the rest of you when I say it physically MAKES....ME....SICK!

The crowd is now on their feet, and the garbage is flooding the ring like a snowstorm of half-empty Coke cups and crumpled up programs, as the General Manager does his best to ignore it, something much more important in mind

DM: It's almost like you think you’re God, Jakkob, and it's almost like these people buy into it too. But to me, it doesn't matter who the hell you think you are, or who these people think you are, because I don't believe in God, and I could give less then half a shit about you, your son, and your legions of in-bred, (BLEEP)-sy, brain-dead, followers! Now Jakkob, having taken my rightful seat a-top the OCW mountain as General Manager, I want to make a few things known, and understood. First of all, your TV time is, as of now, officially limited. Every other day, for no more then 90 seconds at a time, you will be allowed to plead your case, but after that, lights out, show's over. Once that minute and a half is up, whether you're done or not, your ass is OFF MY AIRWAVES! That's right. And the very next time I'm forced to see that little bastard kid of yours, you lose another minute, taking you down to just thirty, so I suggest you not make that mistake.

Jakkob is ready to explode and it's all he can do to avoid falling victim to the raining garbage himself, as the chant of "KICK HIS ASS, KICK HIS ASS" no doubt catches his ears, and runs through his mind more then once, as the general manager concludes

DM: And finally, Jakkob, we come to your punishment. You see, I wanted to take that gold from you at first, but seeing as it is the Hardcore title, and I know that eventually someone's gonna use that Hardcore rules stipulation to really GUT YOU LIKE A FISH.....I thought better of it. My next thought was to schedule you in some sort of cruel, barbaric, handicap match for next week, in which the odds were so heavily stacked I was guaranteeing the impending end of your a manner so brutal that not even the most vicious of criminals, murderers, and rapists would be able to stomach the gore.......but it seems you've already set yourself up for that fate with the Gauntlet match at A Night of Redemption. So you know what, Jakkob? I decided that I would settle for simply seeing you get on your knees and crawl like a dog. I DEMAND....THAT YOU GET DOWN....ON ALL FOURS.....RIGHT NOW....AND CRAWL BACK UP THAT RAMP LIKE A DOG, FOR ALL YOUR ADORING FANS! Because if you don't, "champ", and you're not out of my sight in the next 60 seconds, I promise'll only get worse!

Turning his back to Jakkob and smiling as the fans continue to lose their voices, booing at the top of their lungs, and continuing the chant of "KICK HIS ASS, KICK HIS ASS", Jakkob looks up into the heavens as though he honestly didn't know what to do. Suddenly, they erupt as Jakkob grabs the GM by the shoulder, spins him around so he's nose to nose with Jakkob, takes his mic, and begins backing him into a corner, their foreheads glued together, Jakkob's eyes burning with fire.

Jakkob: You want me to be your dog, huh? You think I'd make a good dog for you? Well let me tell you what, Mr. General Manager, as long as we're sharing secrets, why don't I tell you what you remind this old dog of. You see ever since you fired Achilleos, I'd gotten this feeling that.....that somehow I'd seen you before.....and then I realized your UNMISTAKEABLE RESEMBLANCE TO MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE FIRE HYDRANT, AND SINCE YOU THINK I'D MAKE SUCH A GOOD DOG, I SAY WHAT THE HELL!

(With the crowd whipped into an absolute frenzy, Jakkob reaches down and un-zips his fly, and looks up at the GM, who takes back the microphone, staring sternly into Jakkob's eyes)


(Oh, yes he would. The last word barely has a chance to escape his mouth before a fresh stream of piss drills him right on the ankle of his pant leg and pooling on the floor, as everything from the knee down is immediately drenched and dis-colored, and the GM just goes rigid, absolutely disgusted, and so livid that he's actually having to hold his breath, his face turning bright apple red)

DM: I was willing to give you......another chance......before you did that! But now, you've just signed your own death wish, let me tell you! Jakkob, I consider myself to be a fair man, but now you've crossed the line. I gave you your chance, McKain.......but now......I AM OFFICIALLY PISSED OFF! NEXT WEEK ON BLAST, YOU'RE GONNA BE IN THIS RING AGAINST THE EGO-MANIACS - THAT'S RIGHT - THE EGOMANIACS, IN A HARDCORE HANDICAP MATCH! NOT ONLY THAT, BUT AS OF NOW THAT TITLE IS OFFICIALLY ON THE LINE, AND THE MATCH WILL HAVE A 5 MINUTE TIME LIMIT! AND IF IN THAT TIME LIMIT, YOU ARE UNABLE TO BEAT BOTH EGOMANIACS, YOU WILL FORFEIT THAT TITLE TO THEM! NOW WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY TO THAT, FIDO?!

(The crowd again boo's hysterically, as Jakkob again takes hold of the microphone from the new GM, who's still stiff as a plank with disgust and absolutely steaming from both ears, as Jakkob brings it to his lips. Before he speaks though, he lashes out with his other hand, grabs the GM by the forearm, pulls back his shirt sleeve and raises his wrist to his face.)

Jakkob: To quote Shane Parker from earlier tonight...... (Jakkob glances at the GM's wrist-watch) McKain 9:58 says it's better to be pissed off, THEN PISSED ON, you demanding, asshole, atheist, prick, deranged muppet, bastard, son-of-a-bitch!

(At this the crowd absolutely loses their minds, as the cheers become absolutely deafening, and again a chant of J-M-K, J-M-K shakes the very foundations of the arena. "Downfall" by TRUSTcompany then kicks up over the loud speakers, the volume obvious cranked all the way up to deafening, as Jakkob tears open the new GM's shirt, stuffs the microphone inside, and pats it a few times for good measure, before walking out to a standing chant of "J-M-K, J-M-K", as the scene finally fades)