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Jody Hilton: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing in at 209lbs....Michael Hunter! (The lights go out, and "Drag You Down" by Finger Eleven begins to play. Lighters slowly begin to flicker lit in the crowd, in an evil way. Although the fans truly hate Michael, they respect the ways of the darkness. As the beat of the song picks up, Michael steps out from behind the curtain wearing a large black trenchcoat, and slowly makes his way down to the ring. He slides into the ring, and walks over to a far turnbuckle. He jumps up onto the second buckle of the turnbuckle, spinning 180 degrees, to be facing the inside of the ring. As soon as the chorus hits, a huge pyro explodes from the turnbuckle behind him. He grins, and waits for his opponent. ) Jody Hilton: Approaching the ring next, weighing in at 237 lbs....Viper! (Nas and Puff Daddys Smash hit "Hate Me Now" in a Viper Remix pumps on the PA System. The Crowd begin to boo and throw thing towards the Enterance way. Viper comes out onto the stage and walks to the left Hand Side of the stage and stares at the Crowd before doing the same thing on the right hand side. He continues to walk down the Ramp but suddenly stops and does a huge Crusifix Pose and five Pyros go off behind him in a row. He walks to the end of the ramp and then takes a Huge run and dives under the bottom ring rope. After, he leaps up onto the Second Turnbuckle doing a Crusifix Pose with the Crowd Booing him and chanting "VIPER SUCKS, VIPER SUCKS". He steps off the Turnbuckle and waits for his opponent. ) Jody Hilton: Now coming down the ramp, weighing in at ____lbs....Jason Jones! (I DON'T HAVE THE INTRO! OR THE WEIGHT...FILL THESE IN!) Jody Hilton: And finally, weighing in at ____lbs.... Mike Massacre! (I DON'T HAVE THE INTRO! OR THE WEIGHT...FILL THESE IN!) (The four men stand at the four corners of the ring and all look at each other. Michael Hunter steps through the ropes and onto the edge of the ring apron. Jason Jones tells Mike Massacre to get out. The two begin arguing and Massacre pushes Jones backward through the second rope. That leaves Viper and Massacre in the ring. The bell ring.) JA: Well, looks like we're ready to get things under way here. DF: Yes, James, that's what the bell means. JA: Shut up, Dan. (Massacre and Viper approach each other in the middle of the ring and begin circling. Massacre puts out his left hand, tempting Viper to begin the match with a test of strength. Viper hesitantly puts his hand out and Massacre takes the oppurtunity to kick Viper in the gut. He begins pounding on Viper's back until Viper falls to the floor. Massacre drops an elbow on Viper's lower back, stands up and drops another, then stands up and drops a third elbow.) JA: Looks like Massacre is going to work on the lower back of Viper. DF: That's a good strategy. You need to keep these high flyers grounded or they can do some real damage. (Massacre stands up Viper and kicks him in the gut. He shoves Viper under his legs and sets him up for a powerbomb. Just as Massacre hoists Viper up, Jason Jones jumps into the ring and gives Massacre a roundhouse kick to the back of the head. Massacre drops Viper and falls forward, grabbing the back of his head. Marcus King, the referee for the match, runs over and grabs Jones, and pushes him back to his corner.) JA: Wow, Jason Jones is showing Massacre that he is not intimidated by Massacre's reputation. DF: Yea, seems he's looking the gain some status by being the first man Massacre dismembers. (Viper gains his composure and stands up as Massacre remains down lying on his stomach, still dazed from the hard kick to the back his head. Viper runs, bounces of the ropes and slides both of his feet into Massacre's face. Viper runs over to the corner and climbs the ropes. Michael Hunter runs down the ring apron and knocks Viper's feet out from under him, causing him to straddle the rope. Hunter then drops off the ring apron and gets a chair out from under the ring. He climbs back on the ring apron and runs along the side, throws the chair toward Viper's head then dropkicks it right into Viper's face. Viper falls off the turnbuckle to the floor below. Hunter also hits the edge of the ring apron and falls off to the floor, hurting himself too.) JA: Holy shit! Michael Hunter has already caused some damage and he hasn't even been tagged into the match yet! DF: That was one hell of a move though. I think Viper is out. (Massacre stands up and climbs out of the ring. He picks up Viper and rolls Viper under the bottom rope. Massacre starts fishing around under the ring apron and pulls out a table. He slides it into the ring and sets it up in the middle. He picks up a dazed Viper and tosses him into the ropes. As Viper hits the ropes, Jason Jones slaps Viper's back, making the blind tag. Viper springs off the ropes and Massacre bends down for a back body drop. Viper leaps over Massacre and onto the table. He then does a moonsault backwards off the table that levels Massacre. Viper stands up and looks at the damage. He turns around and gets leveled by a chair courtesy of Jason Jones. Marcus King rolls Viper towards the edge of the ring apron.) JA: Jason Jones got the blind tag and Viper paid the price. DF: Yea, Viper might be blind after that shot to his skull. JA: Viper did some damage to Massacre before getting taken out though. That was one heck of a counter. DF: Definitley, I'm sure that shot to his skull was a lot less damaging then being thrown through a table. (Jones drops down and goes for the quick pin on Massacre. 1...2...All of sudden, Michael Hunter leaps over the table and drops a leg onto the back of Jones head. Marcus King grabs Hunter and leads him back to his corner. Massacre and Jones get up at the same time and begin exchanging blows. Massacre gains the upperhand and begins pounding Jones back into the corner. When Jones gets to the turnbuckle, Massacre starts hitting Jones with shoulder's to the gut. After about five or six shoulders, Jones falls to the floor. Massacre picks him up and Jones begins to fight back. He throws punch after punch on Massacre in the corner. He runs backward and then runs at Massacre, attempting a splash. Massacre lowers his head and tries to throw Jones over the rope. Jones lands on the apron and quickly climbs to the top rope. Massacre turns around, Jones and tosses him halfway across the ring onto the table. The table splinters into pieces as Jones body falls through it.) JA: O my God! Jones just got thrown across the ring. He might be out! DF: That's a display of the type of raw power that Massacre has. JA: If Massacre goes for the pinfall here, this match will most definitly be over. (Massacre walks over the destroyed table. He grabs Jason Jones' limp arm and pulls him over to Michael Hunter's corner. He starts talking trash to Michael Hunter, inviting him into the ring. Hunter slaps Jones' limp hand, then quickly hops over the ropes and hits Massacre with a shoulder block. Massacre recovers quickly and snaps back up. Massacre runs at Hunter who give Massacre a quick hip toss. Massacre gets up and runs at Hunter again. This time Hunter executes a drop toe hold and quickly turns it into an STF submission maneuver.) JA: We don't see to many submission maneuvers here in EHWC. Looks like Hunter is trying to pull some new tricks out in order to throw Massacre off. DF: I don't know if it's a good strategy. The chances that Massacre's gonna tap are somewhere between slim and none. (Hunter keeps the hold on tight as Massacre attempts to escape. Suddenly, out of the right side of the screen comes Viper who nails Hunter in the back with a 2x4. The hunk of wood smashes over Hunter's back and forces him to release the hold. Massacre stands up, holding his back as Viper runs at him. Viper grabs Massacre and hits him with a full nelson bomb. Massacre stands up fairly quickly again and Viper sets up Massacre and drops him with a double arm DDT. Hunter makes it back to his feet and runs up behind Viper. He leap frogs onto Viper's shoulders and falls forward, rolling Viper up for the pin. The referee slides to the mat and counts....1...2...Massacre runs over and boots Hunter in the face, breaking up the pin. Hunter and Viper both stand up and look at each other, then look at Massacre. They both run at Massacre at the same time and Massacre grabs both men by the throats. He starts to lift them up when Jason Jones comes flying off the top rope from the left side of the ring and nails Massacre square in the forehead with a kendo stick. Massacre falls backward and drops Hunter and Viper. The camera shows a closeup of Massacre's head, which has been busted open by the kendo stick.) JA: That kendo stick did some real damage. This could be a turning point in the match. DF: Turning point for who? I don't even know who the legal man is anymore. (Jones rolls out of the ring and throws up the ring apron. Back in the ring, Hunter drops down and goes for a pinfall on Massacre. 1...2...Viper pulls Hunter off and goes for a pinfall of his own. 1....2....Massacre kicks out. Jason Jones is seen on the outside of the ring pulling out a 20 foot ladder. Starts to slide it into the ring, but Michael Hunter bounces off the far ropes and kicks the top of the ladder, sending Jones flying backward into the guardrail. Hunter picks up one end of the ladder at the same time Viper picks up the other end. The two begin pushing and pulling at each end of the ladder until Hunter finally gains the upperhand and pushes Viper back into the turnbuckle. Hunter takes the ladder and leans it up against the prone Viper in the corner. As Hunter begins backing up the far turnbuckle, Massacre begins to pull himself up the ropes. Hunter runs at the ladder and does a cross body, grinding the ladder into Viper. Hunter stands up, holding his gut and begins to go back to the corner for another cross body. He starts running and Massacre runs over and hits Hunter with a boot the side of his head. Hunter collapses to the floor from the shot. Viper pushes the ladder off of him and falls to one knee. Massacre takes Viper and lifts him onto the top rope. He then lies the ladder on the ground and superplexes Viper onto the ladder.) JA: Viper just got superplexed onto the ladder! DF: So much for having a back that works... (Massacre looks at the carnage around the ring and a grin appears on his face. He steps through the second rope and drops down out of the ring. He looks under the ring and pulls out a bag. He dumps the small bag onto the edge of the ring apron and begins attaching the blades that were inside to his left hand, making it looks much like the hand of Freddy Kreuger. ) JA: What is he gonna do with those? DF: I'm assuming he's gonna make a mighty fine mess. (After he has attached the blades, he rolls back into the ring. Jason Jones has made it back into the ring and is leaning on the far turnbuckle. He sees Massacre but doesn't notice the blades. He runs at Massacre, looking for a clothesline and Massacre ducks. Jones bounces off the ropes and Massacre swings his left arm at Jones, slashing his chest with the blades. Jones falls back, holding his chest. Massacre picks Jones up and gives him an Irish whip into the ropes. He runs at Jones and hits him with a Lou Thesz press. Massacre begins slashing Jones face.) JA: He's destroying Jones' face with those blades! DF: He's doing just what he said he would do...he's making some plastic surgeon a very rich man. (After about nine slashs, Michael Hunter runs over and drop kicks Massacre out of the mounted position. Massacre stands up and looks at Hunter with evil eyes. He runs at Hunter who ducks the attempt at a clothesline and Hunter turns around and nails the Kick of Death. Massacre falls to the ground in a heap. Hunter drops down and goes for the pin. 1.....2.....thr...Viper runs over and kicks Hunter, breaking up the pinfall. Hunter stands up starts punching Viper. He grabs Viper and whips him into the ropes. Hunter executes a back body drop and Viper lands on Massacre. The ref drops and begins to count...1....2...Massacre throws his shoulder off the canvas. Suddenly, Viper begins screaming in pain. He rolls off of Massacre and his back his slashed and bloody. Massacre lifts himself up and Michael Hunter comes running at him. Massacre drops and pulls the ropes down. Hunter goes flying over the top rope and lands hard on the floor below. Massacre grabs Viper by the hair and stands him up. Massacre begins slashing Viper's chest and stomach. Viper starts stumbling backwards and Massacre throws one final left hand, slashing Viper in the face. Viper falls out of the ring through the second rope, holding his now slashed face.) JA: Looks like Viper just fell to the same fate as Jason Jones. It's gonna take a lot of stitches to close those wounds. DF: Looks like Hunter is the only one left. Let's see if he can pull this out. (Hunter gathers himself and pulls a table out from under the ring apron. He sets it up on the outside of the ring and then rolls back into the ring to attack Massacre. Massacre turns around after staring a hole through a bloody Viper. The two men begin staring each other down from opposite sides of the ring. Suddenly, Massacre runs at Hunter. Hunter goes for a backbody drop, trying to send Massacre through the table behind him outside the ring, but Massacre lands on his feet on the outside of the ring apron. Massacre slides under the bottom rope and through Michael Hunter's legs. As Massacre gets to his feets, Hunter bounces off the ropes and tries for the hurricanrana. Massacre catches Hunter in the powerbomb position and runs toward the ropes. He dives over the top rope and powerbombs Hunter through the table below.) JA: OH MY GOD!! HE JUST DESTROYED MICHAEL HUNTER!!! DF: That's his new finisher.... he calls it the Silence of the Lambs....let me tell you...Michael Hunter has been silenced! (Massacre gets to his feet and lifts Hunter up. He rolls Hunter back into the ring and simply places his right foot on Hunter. The referee counts. 1.....2.....3!) Jody Hilton: The winner of this match as a result of a pinfall.....MIKE MASSACRE!!!! JA: All three men really put up a fight in this match especially Michale Hunter, but in the end, Mike Massacre was just too much. DF: Wait, what's Massacre doing? (Massacre stands over top of Michael Hunter and looks down. He looks at his left hand and begins clicking the blades together on his fingers. He then drops to his knees and begins slashing at Michael Hunter. Officials come pouring down from the backstage area and pull Massacre off of Hunter. Massacre rolls out of the ring and begins walking back up the ramp with a satanic grin on his face.) JA: Massacre is an animal! DF: He delivered on every word his spoke this week. This ring is full of blood and carnage. JA: Well, while we get things cleaned up here, check this out. (A promo for EHWC merchandise comes on)